Using Your iPad with Colligo Admin Server – A Marriage Made in Heaven!

An article we recently published on our website talked about Colligo’s launch of their new Admin Server product.  It briefly touched on accessibility to SharePoint through your iPad.  The iPad app, which Colligo released in December, is such an exciting and powerful tool that we believe it warrants further discussion here.

The application, available at the iPad App Store, integrates with Colligo Admin Server and allows users to access SharePoint content from their iPads.  So while Admin Server allows you to manage all of your content in SharePoint, the iPad app will enable users to access that same content remotely, but with heightened security when compared to things like Dropbox.

The application, known as Colligo Briefcase, is available in three different versions:

  1. Colligo Briefcase Lite – is a free version boasting all the features of the Enterprise version, but with some limitations to syncing, caching, security and integration of multiple SharePoint sites.
  2. Colligo Briefcase Pro – is best suited for small to medium-sized deployments.  It affords users unlimited syncing of SharePoint sites and unlimited offline storage but lacks the full management, deployment and security features of the Enterprise version.
  3. Colligo Briefcase Enterprise – is the most powerful and integrated version.  It allows you to view, sync, share, find and deploy all of your information in SharePoint, with the highest level of security.


All versions of Colligo Briefcase enable you to:

  • Synchronise SharePoint content to your iPad automatically, effectively providing instant access, even when offline
  • Share files easily using links to SharePoint documents
  • View SharePoint files including documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), PDFs and images
  • Search and find content efficiently
  • View file and document properties, including metadata
  • Open and edit files in applications such as GoodReader or Documents To Go

Sensory7 is looking at working with some of our clients to build a database of case studies which exemplify the power and convenience of the Colligo Briefcase iPad App.  If you can offer examples of situations where your staff would benefit from access to a SharePoint site using a remote device like an iPad, we would love to hear from you.  As a thank you, we’re working at getting you a good deal on the software or we may even potentially be able to access the software free of charge for the life of the ‘proof of concept’.

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