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Sensory7 has seen significant growth surrounding SharePoint in the Canberra environment. Having gone through several iterations, Sensory7 believes that Microsoft has now evolved the SharePoint product set to a level of maturity that will see public sector organisations embracing the technology.

The demand for this technology is being driven by a strong marketing campaign by Microsoft, but also the emerging trend for bureaucracies in developing systems that focus on the benefits of SharePoint such as better collaboration for their staff around their knowledge assets. Irrespective of the business driver, the need for best-practice record keeping and document management remains.

S7 is investing significantly in our SharePoint team. We are ensuring that our SharePoint resources are conversant with IM strategies and these will be used to improve delivery of IM services to our clients. Our SharePoint team will be fully supported by IM specialists so that all TRIM and SharePoint integrations are successful.

Our Service offerings for SharePoint are:

Business Applications Integration
User Training

Business Application Integration

Developing the ‘glue’ to enable SharePoint to talk to your business applications.

Improve usability of your business application
Reduce duplication across business applications through reuse of information
Improve discoverability of information


Utilising SharePoint’s document management capabilities to improve compliance
Enforcing policies and procedures through the use of customized templates
Integrating with the organisation’s records management system
Automating/simplifying metadata creation; Full version control; Audit trail; Security; Classification of information;
Access to records through SharePoint interface; Reduce duplication of records in EDRMS and SharePoint system Implementation

Professional services

Strategic Business Analysis: We tailor our unique Workshops to your organisation’s needs.  Whether you are looking for ways to increase productivity, efficiency and communication with or without SharePoint, a Strategic Business Analysis Workshop to detect the gaps and bottlenecks in your workflow aims to come up with creative solutions to ensure key stakeholders are able to contribute to.  More buy-in means more people-centered approaches and less frustrated, more productive employees – something that’s good for everyone’s bottom line.

Fur further information, we invite you to download the following:

Business Workshop Flyer

Road Map – Workshop Facilitation

Other Professional Services

Software/tools evaluation; Project management;
Information architecture; Policies and procedures;
Installation of software; Configuring of software; Technical support;
User acceptance testing; Data migration


Specialised training courses on the benefits of using SharePoint for your organisation and for you as an individual
Compliance training – how SharePoint can assist an organisation maintain compliance; Use of SharePoint – familiarization of SharePoint standard and custom features;
Customised training courses for specific SharePoint implementations.

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