Information Management

Our Service offerings for Information Management Consulting are:

Implementation of Information Management Systems
Policies and Procedures
Collaborative Technologies

Implementation of Information Management (IM) Systems

Manage the implementation of Information Management (IM) systems
Document Management Systems (DMS)
Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS)
Web Content Management Systems (WCMS)

Business Needs Analysis

Aligning software requirements with your business objectives
Analysing requirements for a IM system prior to purchase
Identification of all appropriate business processes and mapping these to functions of the IM system
Identification of all relevant compliance issues

Policies and Procedures

Developing policies and procedures to effectively use the organisation’s IM system(s)
Develop policies and procedures
Develop user manuals
Develop system documentation


Specialised training courses on the benefits of using the IM system for your organisation and for you as an individual
Compliance training – how the IM system can assist an organisation maintain compliance
Use of the IM system – familiarization of IM system standard and custom features
Customised training courses for specific IM system implementations
Classification of information
Purchasing a IM system
Implementing a IM system
Use of collaborative technologies
Administration practices and procedures

Collaborative Technologies

The integration and use of collaborative technologies with content management systems
Maintaining compliance when using collaborative technologies
Determining the benefits and pitfalls of using collaborative technologies

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