RE: Canberra Times – Australia Government Agile and Innovative? Not in the real world

It is not risk-averse and tech-backwards bureaucrats that are hampering high-tech startups from selling to government. It is the poor understanding of public sector needs and requirements by Australian startups and small businesses.

As a small business, originally a startup, assisting government agencies with Information Management and Digital Engagement, Sensory7 has won tens of millions of dollars in business from Australian governments over the last 17 years.

Sensory7 has directly won over 60 five to seven-figure contracts with the Australian Government, all listed in, winning over 60% of tender bids.

The company has also won many Australian Government contracts as a consortium member, and from state and territory governments around Australia.

“Many startups fail to sell to government because they act like bulls in a china shop, misunderstanding or dismissing agency concerns and selling the wrong features and benefits,“ said Suzette Bailey, Director of Sensory7.

“Government has different priorities to businesses. Agencies are subject to greater accountability and probity requirements. Startups and small businesses successful at selling to government recognise and acknowledge the requirements of government. They understand how to strategically build the right relationships with public servants, ‘derisk’ new investments and address critical compliance and accountability needs.”

Outside their main business, the principles of Sensory7, Suzette Bailey and Craig Thomler, have assisted dozens of startups, small businesses and not-for-profits to successfully sell to governments around Australia over the last five years.

They most recently assisted two startups to access significant government panels, and helped another begin a pilot program with a government agency.

“We’re happy to provide advice and support to startups and small businesses seeking to sell to Australia’s government market,” said Craig Thomler, a partner in Sensory7 and founder of Social Media Planner. “As a serial entrepreneur, who has also spent five years working in government, I can often help startups find an approach that works – bridging the communications gaps and helps them to position themselves as best-of-breed or an innovation partner.”

Craig, who is also a Mentor and Judge for the CSIRO On Accelerator Program, and a former winner of the Australian Government’s Individual Innovator in Government award, believes that governments in Australia are not only open to innovation, but are often ahead of corporate Australia in implementing innovative solutions.

“I recently served as an assessor in the Australian Public Service’s Inaugural Innovation Awards, which saw over 80 fantastic entries evidencing the range of innovation across the Australian Government. Recently Code for Australia, a not-for-profit I’m honoured to be on the Board for, received a $380,000 grant from the Victorian Government to aid agencies in innovation by placing teams of fellows,” he said.

“While I was working in government last decade I was involved with over a dozen innovative projects where we worked closely with startups and small businesses – often having to educate them on how government operates and what it needs.”

Sensory7 is in the process of organising a two-day Mastermind on selling to government to assist up to 16 businesses and startups to realise success in public sector markets.

“This isn’t our core business,” said Suzette Bailey, “but so many companies approach us individually that we felt this would be the best way to help our peers in startups and small businesses to successfully crack the code and sell effectively to government.”

More details on the Mastermind are available by contacting Suzette Bailey at

Contact: Craig Thomler
0411 780 194

Link to the publicly listed Australian Government Tenders won by Sensory7:

Sensory7 Pty Ltd
Sensory7 is one of Australia’s leading Information Management companies. Focused on the public sector, Sensory7 has, for over 17 years, offered government agencies strategic advice and implementation support for Information and Knowledge Management projects, as well as records management support.

The company also provides agencies with expert strategic digital engagement advice and support, social footprint auditing and social media crisis simulation training and testing through partnerships with Social Media Planner and Social Simulator.

AutoPilot Business Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary, draws from Sensory7’s experience with government, to help startups and small businesses to grow, manage ownership transitions and derisk large contracts by providing lynchpin strategic and operational systemisation support.


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