Food Standards Australia New Zealand – Various projects

The following are examples of some of the work that has been done for FSANZ by personnel listed in this response:

  • Implemented SharePoint as an externally facing website.
    • Determined the business and functional requirements for the system
  • Re-developed the Business Classification Scheme (BCS), Records Authority and Records Management Policy and Procedures as well as developed new titling conventions for FSANZ records types
  • Developed information management strategies for the use of the new EDRMS by FSANZ staff
  • Implemented EDRMS (RecordPoint) to replace paper based system
    • Conducted business workshops and interviews to determine requirements for implementation
    • Mapped content from network drives to SharePoint
    • Implemented BCS and mapped disposal classes to specific BCS term sets. This means disposal classes are applied at the point of creation through the selection of a specific BCS term set
    • Migrated all content to SharePoint
    • Conducted training for all FSANZ staff
    • Updated Records Management Procedures Manual to align with the new EDRMS
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