Improving the success of your SharePoint project

Sensory7 has developed a ½ day or full day facilitated workshop to assist organisations to identify their strategic information management issues and possible solutions. The workshops are held with key stakeholders in your organisation to identify business problems relating to information management, identifying possible solutions then documents them in a high level governance document known as a “Road Map”. This assists organisations to maximise their SharePoint investment.

The workshop identifies any gaps in current information management processes and provides potential solutions which are discussed and prioritised by the group, thereby increasing engagement within your organisation. This will assist your organisation in planning when specific functionality is available to your organisation staff based on business needs, budget and development/implementation time.

The workshop is facilitated by a very experienced Sensory7 information management professional who has significant experience in working with SharePoint. The workshop facilitator will facilitate the workshop to:

  • Identify the high level SharePoint requirements for your organisation based on assessing the business objectives and needs identified during the workshop
  • Determine the “Road Map” and the high level tasks/requirements
  • Document the outcomes from the workshop to provide your organisation a “Road Map” for addressing the business issues identified
  • Optional: Develop a business case for implementing solutions identified within the workshop (if required)

The workshop has been successfully used by many private and public sector organisations as the precursor to their SharePoint implementations to ensure that the SharePoint project is successful and meets the stated objectives.

Contact us at 1300 136 457 or if you would like to book a workshop today.

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