Differences between Automation and Autopilot

Maybe you have heard the terms AUTOMATION and AUTOPILOT before and wondered what the difference is, or even wondered if there actually is a difference!

The key is to understanding the differences between AUTOMATION and AUTOPILOT and choose between the two for different systems within your business. This is why it is critical that you KNOW your business and processes.

Automate or Autopilot
I am going to explain using a simple airplane analogy. If you are flying a plane and you were told to perform only 4 main processes to complete the trip: taxi, take off, fly and landing.

You can also choose to automate or autopilot some/all of the processes. So how should we choose?

If you choose to autopilot the process, the plane flies according to set parameters before the event. You are constantly monitoring the plane and can make changes in time if the flying condition changes.

When cruising altitude is reached you switch from manual control over to the autopilot and can sit back until ready to land. You are monitoring the plane and the conditions ahead for any unexpected turbulence and can take evasive action if required. You are still in full control of the plane at all times but can rest a little when the plane is on autopilot.

With autopilot you are always in full control but you get time back and you know that a process is done the way you want each and every time.

In this case, automation means you will be flying the plane hands off. The plane will taxi, take off, fly and land according to things you set up BEFORE the plane takes off. The plane flies itself as if there is no human even around.

The down side? Automation definitely gives you more freedom but you also have limited control over the automated process and could miss important signals until you realise an issue, such as when turbulence occurs. If things are going wrong with an automation you only see that in hindsight, not when the plane is flying.

The Pros and Cons
Neither option is better or worse than the other. Automation is great for processes that require little or no human intervention (or you have the process working so well you can be hands off completely). In business terms, it be useful in transactional-based procedures and auto email campaigns.

Autopilot on the other hand can be used for more complex processes or processes that you are not yet comfortable to let go, such as landing or in business terms, emailing important clients.

Systemising your business is about making good choices between automation and autopilot. Investing effort in systemising and you will be surprised at the result!

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