RE: Canberra Times – Australia Government Agile and Innovative? Not in the real world

It is not risk-averse and tech-backwards bureaucrats that are hampering high-tech startups from selling to government. It is the poor understanding of public sector needs and requirements by Australian startups and small businesses.

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Differences between Automation and Autopilot

Tweetgovernment,politics news,politics news,politicsMaybe you have heard the terms AUTOMATION and AUTOPILOT before and wondered what the difference is, or even wondered if there actually is a difference! The key is to understanding the differences between AUTOMATION and AUTOPILOT and choose between the two for different systems within your business. This is why it is critical that you […]

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What is a System?

Tweetgovernment,politics news,politics news,politicsSo what do we mean when we talk about systemising your business and what are systems? Systems, in one sentence is: A repeatable series of steps that result in a predictable and consistent outcome. Expand on the Definition First of all a system has to be a process that involves STEPS. For example, it can […]

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Microsoft Case Study for Colligo Email Management Software

Tweetgovernment,politics news,politics news,politicsThe case study for the Contributor Pro software created by Colligo Networks was released by Microsoft. Contributor Pro allows users to interact with a SharePoint site from Microsoft Outlook and Windows Explorer using drop and drag…no more upload button! The Contributor Pro software is used by organisations worldwide to manage email and documents more effectively […]

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Implementing records management in SharePoint

Tweetgovernment,politics news,politics news,politicsWith the significant increase in SharePoint installations within government agencies, many are now starting to wrestle with ensuring that their SharePoint installation is records management compliant. SharePoint “out of the box” is not records management compliant. A lot of government agencies are in dilemma on how to handle making SharePoint compliant. Things to consider when […]

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Improving the success of your SharePoint project

Tweetgovernment,politics news,politics news,politicsSensory7 has developed a ½ day or full day facilitated workshop to assist organisations to identify their strategic information management issues and possible solutions. The workshops are held with key stakeholders in your organisation to identify business problems relating to information management, identifying possible solutions then documents them in a high level governance document known […]

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Using Your iPad with Colligo Admin Server – A Marriage Made in Heaven!

Tweetgovernment,politics news,politics news,politicsAn article we recently published on our website talked about Colligo’s launch of their new Admin Server product.  It briefly touched on accessibility to SharePoint through your iPad.  The iPad app, which Colligo released in December, is such an exciting and powerful tool that we believe it warrants further discussion here. The application, available at […]

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